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Projection Vein Finder Can Easily Find Veins for Patient with Psoriasis
Veins of patients with psoriasis are hard to be found and traced, which makes it difficult for nurses to perform venipuncture. Our Projection Vein Finder can...
The Using of Projection Vein Finder in Veins for Peripheral Vascular Catheterization
Vascular access becomes more and more important for the caring of sick infants and children. Peripheral vascular catheterization provides a direct route for adm...
Function Introduction-Vein Depth Detection Mode
Vein Depth Detection mode is our unique feature. It can help nurses choose the right angle to insert the needle when performing venipuncture. In addition, it...
Foam sclerotherapy for treating varicose veins
Using sclerotherapy with foam has caused a great change in treatment of varicose veins. It is an effective, safe and inexpensive method for treatment of lower ...
Best Choice for Improving Vascular Access Treatment Standards
Vascular access is frequently required for patients admitted to hospitals. Fluid supplements and administration of medication are mainly carried out through vas...
Purpose of Using Projection Vein Finder
With the rapid development of science technology and gradual improvement of people's living standards, the rate of obesity also increases. Since it is hard to l...
Clinical Applications in Pediatric and Neonatal Patients
As we all know, veins in children are often thinner than adults and can be covered by subcutaneous fat, which makes it difficult for nurses to perform venipu...
Vivolight Fight Against Ebola
Since the establishment of the company, Vivolight has always demonstrated firm social responsibility. This sense of social responsibility is reflected in the Ch...
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