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Clinical Applications in Pediatric and Neonatal Patients

As we all know, veins in children are often thinner than adults and can be covered by subcutaneous fat, which makes it difficult for nurses to perform venipuncture. Our Projection Vein Finder can greatly increase identification of target vein for venipuncture in pediatric and neonatal patients.

Clinical application proved that our Projection Vein Finder can make the invisible veins visible.


Veins in infants and neonates are often difficult to find with the naked eye. Most of them are small and non-continuous. More veins are visible now with the help of the Projection Vein Finder. (Model: Projection Vein Finder VIVO500)

Veins in children are thinner and located very deep. Projection Vein Finder can detect veins deep to 8mm and show the distribution, size and depth of them. Nurses can identify the veins with Projection Vein Finder and  perform venipuncture easily, which can greatly increase the first-puncture success rate and working efficiency. (Model: Projection Vein Finder VIVO500)