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Purpose of Using Projection Vein Finder
With the rapid development of science technology and gradual improvement of people's living standards, the rate of obesity also increases. Since it is hard to locate veins of the obesity、infants and babies, venipuncture has become a challenging area for clinical practitioners and brought pains and anxiety to the patients during injection or blood-drawing. With the mechanism that hemoglobin absorbs more infrared light than other tissues, we developed Projection Vein Finder series products.

As we all know, Projection Vein Finder can help medical practitioners find veins easily, which is the main purpose of developing it. Except for this, our device can also help them evaluate veins. Medical practitioners can observe some symptoms which can not be observed by naked eyes, such as vein lesion, subcutaneous hemorrhage, vein occlusion, etc.

Due to misunderstandings between doctors and patients, conflicts between them have become more frequent. Patients always take it for granted that it should be successfully punctured once. But most of the time, because of their poor vein condition, it is difficult to get a successful one-time puncture. Using our projection vein finder, patients can visually see the condition of their veins. This can greatly enhance the mutual understanding between doctors and patients.

In addition, with the help of the projected vein finder, the nurse can find the target vein faster, saving a lot of time and improving their work efficiency.